What is ALTA Pillar 7

Pillar 7 Compliance Is Easy

What do you need to do to become ALTA Best Practice Pillar 7 complaint and how does eXcediant help you get there?

DRM Gives You Answers to The Questions That Matter Most

What is the complaint intake and resolution procedure?

eXcediant DRM allows you to create a process for handling and resolving disputes. The complete department, user and level customizations allow you to transfer and/or elevate the issue to the right person to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.

How are consumer complaints tracked?

Keep an active record of your customer complaints and provide easy tracking tools for your customers. There is no login required for your customers; and your agency can reference any complaint at any time with cloud based storage.

Are complaints analyzed on a regular basis and what is the process?

Proper reporting can help any company thrive. Our advanced categorization, filing and reporting features allow your company to analyze your complaint data thoroughly.

How are employees trained with regard to this policy?

Our truly unlimited DRM solution allows for unlimited users, disputes and records all hosted in the cloud. This gives your company complete flexibility to train your employees with a process that makes sense for you.