CRM Designed For Title Companies Has Arrived

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    CRM Designed For Title Companies Has Arrived

    JACKSONVILLE, FL – A CRM for title insurance industry has finally arrived. It is backed by a combined 50+ years of technology, sales and marketing experience sourced directly from within the industry. The new CRM focuses on three core needs of title insurance industry; security, affordability, and settlement software integrations.

    The vision of eXcediant CRM is to create a single hub for running a title insurance company. At the core of the software is a full featured CRM including fully customizable modules for leads, organizations, contacts, opportunities and more. Beyond the core components, the CRM includes deeply customizable workflows and powerful reporting tools.

    Integrations will take center stage during the first half of 2016 as eXcediant begins to integrate with settlement software based on demand. Beyond title production platforms, eXcediant CRM already integrates with Outlook, MailChimp, QuickBooks, select VoIP phone systems and more.

    “Imagine a truly connected office where a client phones the front desk and the CRM automatically displays their contact info, current and past orders and who to forward them to. The reality of a hyper connected title insurance office is here today with eXcediant.” Said Marketing Consultant, Dalton Evans.

    Perhaps the best feature of eXcediant CRM is it’s price. eXcediant CRM starts at just $25/month/user. This figure is well below the industry average for comparable CRM systems without settlement services specific integrations.

    eXcediant CRM is a powerful CRM with the tools title professionals demand at a price they can easily afford. With settlement services software integrations close on the horizon and a leadership team eager to listen to its customers, eXcediant CRM has been introduced as the most powerful CRM in title.